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Jennie & James Wedding : Sheraton Agoura Hills Hotel, Agoura Hills, Ca

I’m not going to lie, I spent way too much time loving every single moment of this entire wedding day at the Sheraton Agoura Hills Hotel, in Agoura Hill, Ca! From my very first meeting with the couple, I was beyond stoked to hear that their wedding was not only on May the 4th, (ahem, may the force be with you, ahem), but it was going to include some incredibly classy Star Wars elements. I honestly do not think I’ve seen so many light-sabers in one location, and I also don’t think I’ll ever see a dance floor conga line while simultaneously battling each other.

Jennie and James are truly my kind of people- Disney people. Not only do they often hold season passes, which is a true feat with the fact the price keeps going up, but James actually proposed during a Fourth of July weekend at Disneyland in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. While the ring setting off the metal detector may have keyed Jennie in to the surprise, it was really the fact that he was willing to wait in line to have their picture taken! “I started crying and could barely speak; I'm pretty sure the only words I could get out were "I KNEW IT!”

From smiles to happy tears, Jennie and James had a picture perfect and beautiful day, and one could say that their happily ever after is just beginning.

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Elizabeth & Aaron Wedding : Sanford Winery, Lompoc, Ca

Elizabeth and Aaron toured a ton of local wineries for their wedding this spring, but they knew that Sanford Winery in Lompoc, California was it when they just kept going back.

The wedding day of Elizabeth and Aaron was a whirlwind of friends from around the world, complete with jokes, perfect weather and of course delicious wine. It was exactly how the two wanted it to be and even unknowingly described it “Definitely a natural, seamless, and joyous mood filled with happiness and love.”

I wish I had the officiant’s speech to pull from, because not only did it have everyone in giggles, but it also had everyone in tears. But what warmed my hoarder heart, was the fact that he still had the cork from a bottle of wine the couple drank years before, and unknowingly to Aaron and Elizabeth, pulled it out during his speech. Sometimes things truly do come full circle, including that cork being brought to their vineyard wedding years later.

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Trisha & Matthias Wedding : La Casa del Camino, Laguna Beach, Ca

La Casa del Camino in Laguna Beach, California is the perfect setting for two beach lovers like these, and it definitely did not disappoint with it’s sprawling ocean views. But what no one could have predicted was a sweet couple walking our way on the beach.

”Okay guys, now let's look as cute as these two do!", I shouted, above the crashing waves. The couple stopped, and looked at Trisha and Matthias on their wedding day, and said, "Do you know why we look this cute? Because it is our 45th year anniversary. It must be a lucky day."

Sometimes you just get that perfect moment, of two people walking hand in hand 45 years later, and two people walking hand in hand; on the first day of the start of the rest of their lives.

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Jayna & Daniel Wedding : Santa Margarita Ranch, Santa Margarita, Ca

Jayna and Daniel planned their destination wedding in California from Washington, DC, flying out to Los Angeles on the regular to meet with vendors and make sure all of the details were perfect. After viewing Santa Margarita Ranch, they knew they had found the right place. “The greenery and florals in the garden coupled with the stone walls in the barn created such a romantic and unique ambiance - we knew we found a gem.” What they definitely didn’t know was how beautifully green their venue would be, after what some are calling the wettest winter in Southern California in decades. This fact didn’t fail to disappoint, when it started to sprinkle on their wedding day.

”When we saw each other for the first time it was truly "love at first sight". He introduced himself and handed me a bottle of wine he brought as a dinner party gift. We ended up opening the bottle of wine and sitting by the fireplace talking all night - and the rest is history.” - Jayna

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Andres & Rafael Wedding : Casa de la Guerra, Santa Barbara, Ca

Not only do I absolutely love the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in Santa Barbara, Ca for all of my weddings, but I love it even more when my couple designs their entire reception from scratch at a nearby historic home built in 1828. Andres and Rafael started their wedding day at the courthouse, getting married in the historic mural room. It has in the past been called “the unquestionable masterpiece of the courthouse interior,” and that could not be more accurate with the artwork. Designed for use in 1929, the room now serves as a ceremony venue for locals and tourists alike to get married. We wandered the courthouse doing some photos, and I can never get over how stunning the architecture is.

Afterwards, we all took a party bus to Casa de la Guerra in Santa Barbara, Ca to celebrate their wedding reception. The property is currently owned by the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, and is rented out for events. It is not only a Santa Barbara City Landmark, but also a California Historic Monument. The location made for a perfect historic venue for Andres and Rafael’s beautiful Hispanic themed wedding. Pulling from their family roots, the two of them drove down to Mexico several weekends and not only hand painted the maracas on their tables, but collected the decorations they adorned the entire venue with. I absolutely love DIY (do it yourself) weddings, and seeing all the work they did to create a stunning display that was just breathtaking. These two spent the entire day laughing and loving together, and their wedding could not have been any more them if they wanted!

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Terra & Jeff Wedding : Cass Winery, Pasa Robles, Ca

It was such a blast getting to photograph Jeff and Terra’s wedding at Cass Winery in Pasa Robles, Ca. This awesome venue has a separate off-site getting ready house for the girls, allowing them to get ready nearby but also free from hassle of any early arriving guests. It also allows for the most gorgeous first look location, up a flight of stairs and under a tree for a private moment for bride and groom. Cass Winery also not only hosts 145 acres of vines, but you can get married under a 200 year old heritage oak tree- which Jeff and Terra did.

These two added in so many special elements to their day, wanting to represent themselves in all of the planning. Besides all of the rustic elements to compliment the venue, they also decided to include a doughnut bar instead of a cake! I have had so many couples tell me that they don’t even like cake, but were doing it because they felt they had to; so when I see one of my amazing couples go an alternative route, I am so so happy for them! The evening was complete with some off the wall dancing, teary eyed speeches, and a evening tunnel leading to their getaway car. Cass Winery actually provides a 1947 Chrysler limo throughout the day to use for pictures, entrance to the ceremony, and a quick get away!

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Taylor & Taylor Wedding : Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, Ca

Taylor and Taylor (yes, you read that right! and I’m just as happy about it as you are) got married at the absolutely stunning Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa in California. On the coast of Lake Arrowhead, the location created a stunning backdrop for both the ceremony as well as the portraits. Taylor, the bride, is actually the sister of one of my past groom’s; and it was so great to get to see the two of them again in all their married bliss. Taylor, the bride, wanted a holiday themed Christmas wedding; complete with pine cones down the aisle and a festive color scheme of pine and reds. Small accents of gold complimented it all, and overall the affect by Magnolias Floral Design was very thematic.

To tie the vibe together, the lobby of the hotel had featured a giant Christmas tree, which guests as well as the bride and groom posed in front of. Overall, the day could not have been more beautiful with the sunset lit ceremony, and fun filled reception. Taylor and Taylor also included one of their dogs in the morning events, and I only wish they could have brought both of them to their picturesque holiday themed wedding.

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Erika & Peter : DIY Tropical Wedding in Santa Cruz, Ca

Something Turquoise, an awesome DIY blog, featured Erika and Peter and a write up about their DIY wedding!

I want to keep my words short, since Erika and Peter wrote the most beautiful write-up for them being published in Something Turquoise! These two had the most unique Do It Yourself (DIY) wedding at a families residence in Santa Cruz, Ca. Between ordering the flowers online from Hawaii to create their arch and bouquets, or staying up all night creating hand waxed place setting- everything about this wedding was straight out of Erika and Peter’s dreams. It was such an amazing experience to get to photograph their wedding day and see everything we had talked about to come to fruition. I took some of their quotes and added them to their photos below, and it’s so beautiful to read about their day.

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Julie & Jon : Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL Engagement

I am so in love with the Chicago, IL skyline, and how many places around the city you can view it’s picturesque beauty for engagement pictures! Julie and Jon chose the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and the Lincoln Park Zoo for our photo locations, and they definitely did not disappoint. Filled with so much greenery, they were a perfect compliment to our spring day walking around. I love getting to hear my couple’s stories, and especially when they meet online! These two met on, and had their first date back on 12/13/14. I’m so excited to get to photograph their wedding later this year at the Eagle Brook Country Club and it was definitely such a fun adventure to walk around the city exploring. Check out their proposal story below, and see just how cute they are.

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