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Stefani & Kyle : Palos Verdes Estates, Ca Couple Session

What I love about photography, is that you don’t need a special occasion to have some beautiful photos taken of you and a loved one! I feel like so many people wait until they’re engaged, pregnant, or celebrating a milestone; and big gaps of time are lost in their lives that aren’t always documented. I was so stoked to get to photograph fellow photographer Stefani and Kyle; just because. It wasn’t a special day, or a special reason, but just because they hadn’t had any professional photos taken together in a really long time. Stefani introduced me to this absolutely beautiful location in Palos Verdes Estates, a city in Los Angeles county. Situated next to the beach, the area offers some stunning views of the ocean, and in this case, a beautiful floral display in the middle of the road. Would you believe that the first few pictures were taken on a road divider?

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Julie & Jon : Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL Engagement

I am so in love with the Chicago, IL skyline, and how many places around the city you can view it’s picturesque beauty for engagement pictures! Julie and Jon chose the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and the Lincoln Park Zoo for our photo locations, and they definitely did not disappoint. Filled with so much greenery, they were a perfect compliment to our spring day walking around. I love getting to hear my couple’s stories, and especially when they meet online! These two met on, and had their first date back on 12/13/14. I’m so excited to get to photograph their wedding later this year at the Eagle Brook Country Club and it was definitely such a fun adventure to walk around the city exploring. Check out their proposal story below, and see just how cute they are.

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Gaby & Josh : Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, Ca Engagement

I can’t love a couple harder than when they want to do something amazing, including driving 8 hours round trip to the middle of nowhere to take their engagement photos at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, sometimes just known as the Glamis sand dunes. Known for being the largest sand dunes in the state, they were formed by windblown sands of ancient Lake Cahuilla. Extending for more than 45 miles, with dunes reaching heights of 300 feet above the desert floor. I have to say the whole experience was out of this world, especially based on the many movies that have graced the area. Including but definitely not limited to the original Stargate, Resident Evil : Extinction, and Star Wars : Return of the Jedi! It was so much fun getting to spend the day with Gaby and Josh, and the pictures tell a story of so much love between these two high school sweethearts. Check out their proposal below, and learn why these two are pretty much the best.

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Emily & Matt : Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, Agua Dulce, Ca Engagement

I am absolutely in love with Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park in Agua Dulce, Ca. Not only did they film an episode of Star Trek here, but it was also used as the planet Vulcan in the Star Trek movie reboot. I don’t think it gets cooler than that. It was so much fun getting to photograph Emily and Matt here for their engagement shoot; we had debated a couple of different locations around Los Angeles, but Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park was nothing short of perfection. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding at Quail Ranch, but for now, check out how cute their proposal involving their cat is!

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Melissa & Martin : World Peace Rose Garden, Sacramento, Ca Engagement

Melissa and Martin are the definition of one of the cutest love stories ever. Boy works close to girl, girl and boy don’t really know each, boy knows some of girls’s friends, boy tries to go on date with girl, girl rejects him- twice. Obviously it all worked out in the end, and these two are getting married at the Vizcaya in Sacramento, Ca. It was so much fun getting to meet up with them at the World Peace Rose Garden across the street from the California State Capitol. I have personally known Melissa since elementary school, and have pictures of us in third grade with beautifully constructed animal head bands out of construction paper. We were blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets, peering through the roses, which almost matched all the beauty that was their winter wedding at Vizcaya. Go check it out, and you couldn’t tell me that these two aren’t just perfect.

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Blyth & Danny : Big Bear Lake, Ca Winter Engagement

While half of the country is experiencing -50 degree temperatures in the middle of a polar vortex, I thought it was perfect timing to share this gorgeous Big Bear Lake, Ca winter engagement with Blyth and Danny! After seeing several other sessions in the snow, these two requested we take the two hour trip up to Big Bear Lake. Being the snow lover that I am (I relish all that Chicago snowy winter weather that most Chicagoans cry about), I happily agreed that it was the best idea I had every heard.

What makes this entire day so much fun, was we did not factor in that we had the exact same idea as everyone else! The two hour normal trip with minimal traffic through Los Angeles, turned into a six hour trip where I luckily had the chance to really get to know these two beauties. I can safely say that there is no better place to get to know people, than to be stuck in stop and go traffic going up a mountain side with no cell reception. With little time left before we lost the setting sun, we jumped out of the car on the side of a random road and Blyth and Danny pulled out all of the fun stops to create some unforgettable pictures. Complete with a snowball fight! It definitely was a blast, and shooting their wedding at Eden Gardens was even more so.

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Lupita & Omar : Limoneira Ranch, Santa Paula, Ca Engagement

Lupita and Omar are going to have a beautiful wedding at Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula, Ca, so we decided to do their engagement session there too. What made this even more special, was the fact that Omar used to work there and knew all the secrets of the property! Limoneira Ranch is 7,300-acres of the county’s largest producer of oranges, avocados, and, lemons. It’s so cool for guests that have their wedding here, as they can take home the oranges as a wedding favor. A super cool fact about Limonerira Ranch is that is was a center of silent film production in the 1920s, and still attracts filmmakers to this day. With such a renowned history, I can’t even imagine how beautiful the venue will be on their actual wedding day in the fall for these two high school sweethearts.

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Lisa & Kalleb : Winter Lake Geneva, Wi Engagement

There is not much I love more than snow, Disneyland for sure, but snow is so far up there. So when Lake Geneva had a snowstorm, I was so unbelievably happy that I had the chance to photograph Lisa and Kalleb when the snow was fresh. These two held up like absolute champs in the 20 degree weather, and it is just extra special that we will be coming back to this very spot to photograph their wedding at the The Riviera Ballroom. What I absolutely love about Lisa and Kalleb’s proposal, is it almost happened at the exact same place they had their first date; to see the Christmas lights at the Cincinnati zoo. But with Lisa zipping through the evening, “No marriage proposals took place at the zoo that evening — at least not involving me and Kalleb.”

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Esmeralda & Mark : Chicago, IL Engagement

What I absolutely love about Chicago is all of the amazing people you get to meet on a day to day basis. Esmeralda and Mark met in a dance troupe, and now not only continue to dance together, but are dance partners for the Legacy Dance Company Pro Team in Chicago, IL. These two were such an amazing pleasure to get to photograph their engagement around Chicago, starting at the Chicago Riverwalk, and continuing over to the Milton Lee Olive Park. At the end of the night, I was stoked to get to see some of their award winning dance moves in front of the setting sun.

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