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Adi & Edgar Engagement : San Francisco, CA

I never knew that I would get a second opportunity to savor the beauty of Muir Woods National Monument on the edge of San Francisco, Ca until Adi and Edgar mentioned that it was where they wanted their engagement photos. I was first introduced to this location by a couple last year, Alexis and Guy, and it was such a treat getting to experience the park in a different season and find new hidden gems. We were challenged by the sporadic winter light and morning breeze, but Adi and Edgar were amazing to traverse the woods with.

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Joey & Nathan Engagement : Ice House Reservoir, Ca

You have to go check these two out on MountainSide Bride! It was so awesome that they were featured for their amazing taste in mountains!

We were hoping for a snowy session up at Ice House Reservoir, but instead we were blessed with some of the best sunset light ever mixed with the gorgeous Icehouse Lake! The pine trees and mountainous background were a beautiful contrast to their High Sierra Iris & Wedding Gardens wedding that will be happening next spring. Joey and Nathan were an absolute treat to get to photograph, full of smiles and giggles the entire time and I am so excited to get celebrate their wedding in 2017.

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Marlee & Michael Engagement : Truckee, Ca

These two were featured on Let's Bee Together! Go check it out!

It may have taken a 6 hour drive to Sacramento, and an hour and a half drive to Truckee, Ca to find snow, but by gosh I found it! Nothing is sweeter than photographing a couples engagement photos in the same place that the proposal happened, and I was blessed with that opportunity with Michael and Marlee. After proposing at their family cabin in Truckee several months prior, we journeyed back to the same spot, and the same tree, to snuggle in the snow before their wedding in March at the Vizcaya in Sacramento, Ca.

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Angela & Andrew Engagement : Camarillo, CA

Angela and Andrew were such a pleasure to get to photograph for their engagement session this past weekend. We were able to go explore the McCormick Home Ranch in Camarillo, CA and such a sunset we were blessed with! Between the giggling, and the sweet nothings- it was a breeze to get the cutest smiles out of both Angela and Andrew!

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Megan & Jonathan : Carpenteria, CA Engagement

These two gorgeous people were featured on Beach Bride! It is well worth checking out!

This amazing engagement session was a combination of sweet and adventure, and I was so blessed to get to spend it with these two lovebirds! Jonathan proposed to the gorgeous Megan in a coffee shop, so it only made since to start their engagement session at one as well. Sadly, their special coffee shop isn't as located as close to a beautiful beach as Lucky Llama Coffee House in Carpinteria, CA, so we instead got to experience firsthand their rustic patio and fantastic latte art.

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Katie & Brian Engagement : Los Angeles, CA

It is the most magical experience to arrive to a location for an engagement session and be blessed with the most golden light every where you look! Placerita Canyon State Park, CA delivered beyond my little photographer's most wildest dreams. Not only that, but Katie and Brian brought along their gorgeous rescued Siberian Husky Dakota. We were able to wander among this hiking path and find some pretty amazing spots, even if Dakota was more interested in the squirrels than us!

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Alexis & Guy Engagement : San Francisco, CA

It's not very often I get to combine a gorgeous road trip with an engagement session, but it seemed like the best possible moment when Alexis and Guy asked if we could shoot at Muir Woods National Monument in San Francisco, California. These two not only have a history of dates, hikes, and memories at this beautiful location- they also shared that it was the location of several scenes of filming for Star Wars! With this tiny piece of information, I was absolutely sold.

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Kellee & Corrigan Engagement : Santa Barbara, CA

While simultaneously shooting their engagement session, Kellee and Corrigan were faced with the feat of battling a horde of evil flies! We have no idea what was going on, but these two are absolute rock stars in my eyes for their amazing patience as we had to shoot between them getting attacked. We traveled up to easily one of my favorite locations in Santa Barbara, California; Knapp's Castle. Located up in the Santa Ynez Mountains, this dilapidated mansion from 1940 makes for the perfect sunset location overlooking the valley.

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Priscilla & Robert Engagement : Pasadena, CA

It was so exciting to finally meet Priscilla and Robert for their engagement session today at the absolutely beautiful Pasadena Courthouse in Pasadena, California. With everyone's crazy schedules, we had to plan this session in the middle of the day, but with these two rocking some gorgeous attire; and the architectural beauty of this historic building- we definitely made it work!

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