I am always asked what I think people should wear to their engagement, family, newborn photos! I thought it would be a great resource for all my clients, now and in the future, to have a place to go for some tips!

Placerville, CA Family Photographer | Jennifer Louri
Bellingham, WA Family Photographer | Jennifer Louri

Be comfortable!
You want to be gorgeous in your photos, but you also don't want to be pulling down that shirt or adjusting your straps. Wear something that you love, but also something that you feel great in! The same goes for you munchkins! You may love that sailor outfit Grandma bought, but if your child hates it, that is going to be one incredibly miserable photo shoot! You want your kids to be able to move freely, and not be itching and scratching at their new clothes. When your whole family feels comfortable, the pictures will be more relaxed and that shows!

Coordinate, don't match!
We have all seen those pictures from the early 90's where every single person is wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. I promise you, it sounds so much better than it looks! Pick two to three colors, and coordinate around them. Like various shades of blue and green, or if you're doing fall photos, go with fall colors. I want to see your personality through your clothing, so don't feel afraid to mix it up with some patterns, or a tutu.


Ventura, CA Family Photographer | Jennifer Louri

Keep your location / the season in mind!
Are we going to the beach in the summer? An apple farm in the fall? The city at night? Wear clothing that will make sense for the location that you're being photographed. An evening gown in the middle of the forest makes a lot less sense than a summer dress, or jeans and a sweater. Also, if your little one is in your favorite, or their favorite, summer outfit in the middle of winter; there is a big chance they will be super unhappy by the end of the session by the cold! Look at the weather, and be flexible.

Layer, texture and accessorize!
Layers and accessories provide a little extra oomph to that favorite outfit of yours! For those summer months, add a necklace, headband, belt, hat! Or for those winter months, don some jackets, scarves, new cardigans, or even some fancy boots. But maybe don't add all at once! This also allows you to take something off during the session if you want to mix up the look. When accessorizing your kids, mix up the colors of headbands, or add a red bow to your daughter, that matches your son's red undershirt! All of these things make your photos more fun, and can show off your personality!

Los Angeles, CA Wedding Photographer | Jennifer Louri

Steer clear of florescent colors!
You may love how it looks, but super bright and neon colors can reflect back on to the skin. Try to think of primary colors like blue (navy, royal, sky), yellow (mustard), OR red (maroon, brick), when you are planning your outfits.

Ventura, CA Family Photographer | Jennifer Louri

Don't be afraid to ask!
I am always available for my clients! Text me a picture of your new favorite dress. or send me an image of your clothes laid out and I would love to help. I have photographed 101 family sessions and I'm definitely here to help you!


Jennifer Lourie