Stefani & Kyle : Palos Verdes Estates, Ca Couple Session

What I love about photography, is that you don’t need a special occasion to have some beautiful photos taken of you and a loved one! I feel like so many people wait until they’re engaged, pregnant, or celebrating a milestone; and big gaps of time are lost in their lives that aren’t always documented. I was so stoked to get to photograph fellow photographer Stefani and Kyle; just because. It wasn’t a special day, or a special reason, but just because they hadn’t had any professional photos taken together in a really long time. Stefani introduced me to this absolutely beautiful location in Palos Verdes Estates, a city in Los Angeles county. Situated next to the beach, the area offers some stunning views of the ocean, and in this case, a beautiful floral display in the middle of the road. Would you believe that the first few pictures were taken on a road divider?

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Terra & Jeff Wedding : Cass Winery, Pasa Robles, Ca

It was such a blast getting to photograph Jeff and Terra’s wedding at Cass Winery in Pasa Robles, Ca. This awesome venue has a separate off-site getting ready house for the girls, allowing them to get ready nearby but also free from hassle of any early arriving guests. It also allows for the most gorgeous first look location, up a flight of stairs and under a tree for a private moment for bride and groom. Cass Winery also not only hosts 145 acres of vines, but you can get married under a 200 year old heritage oak tree- which Jeff and Terra did.

These two added in so many special elements to their day, wanting to represent themselves in all of the planning. Besides all of the rustic elements to compliment the venue, they also decided to include a doughnut bar instead of a cake! I have had so many couples tell me that they don’t even like cake, but were doing it because they felt they had to; so when I see one of my amazing couples go an alternative route, I am so so happy for them! The evening was complete with some off the wall dancing, teary eyed speeches, and a evening tunnel leading to their getaway car. Cass Winery actually provides a 1947 Chrysler limo throughout the day to use for pictures, entrance to the ceremony, and a quick get away!

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Bernatowicz Family 2018 : Manhattan Beach Pier, Manhattan Beach, Ca

I’m absolutely loving the age of four. I had the pleasure of getting to photograph the Bernatowicz family again at the Manhattan Beach Pier in Manhattan Beach, Ca. The age of four doesn’t mean that Jackson still doesn’t love his Transformer’s, but it does mean they are advanced enough that the sand at the beach would destroy them. Speaking of sand, 2018 was apparently the year of sand. From the moment the four of them (including the adorable and always loved dog Holly) stepped on the beach, Jackson could not get enough of it. From sand angels, to the spontaneous jaunt into the ocean to kick the sand; it was a good thing the family was headed to pizza for dinner. Which I can proudly say I was even invited to by Jackson himself. Go watch him grow up, because it couldn’t be cuter.

2015 Newborn
2015 6 Months
2015 1 Years Old
2016 2 Years Old
2017 3 Years Old

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Taylor & Taylor Wedding : Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, Ca

Taylor and Taylor (yes, you read that right! and I’m just as happy about it as you are) got married at the absolutely stunning Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa in California. On the coast of Lake Arrowhead, the location created a stunning backdrop for both the ceremony as well as the portraits. Taylor, the bride, is actually the sister of one of my past groom’s; and it was so great to get to see the two of them again in all their married bliss. Taylor, the bride, wanted a holiday themed Christmas wedding; complete with pine cones down the aisle and a festive color scheme of pine and reds. Small accents of gold complimented it all, and overall the affect by Magnolias Floral Design was very thematic.

To tie the vibe together, the lobby of the hotel had featured a giant Christmas tree, which guests as well as the bride and groom posed in front of. Overall, the day could not have been more beautiful with the sunset lit ceremony, and fun filled reception. Taylor and Taylor also included one of their dogs in the morning events, and I only wish they could have brought both of them to their picturesque holiday themed wedding.

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Erika & Peter : DIY Tropical Wedding in Santa Cruz, Ca

Something Turquoise, an awesome DIY blog, featured Erika and Peter and a write up about their DIY wedding!

I want to keep my words short, since Erika and Peter wrote the most beautiful write-up for them being published in Something Turquoise! These two had the most unique Do It Yourself (DIY) wedding at a families residence in Santa Cruz, Ca. Between ordering the flowers online from Hawaii to create their arch and bouquets, or staying up all night creating hand waxed place setting- everything about this wedding was straight out of Erika and Peter’s dreams. It was such an amazing experience to get to photograph their wedding day and see everything we had talked about to come to fruition. I took some of their quotes and added them to their photos below, and it’s so beautiful to read about their day.

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Julie & Jon : Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL Engagement

I am so in love with the Chicago, IL skyline, and how many places around the city you can view it’s picturesque beauty for engagement pictures! Julie and Jon chose the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and the Lincoln Park Zoo for our photo locations, and they definitely did not disappoint. Filled with so much greenery, they were a perfect compliment to our spring day walking around. I love getting to hear my couple’s stories, and especially when they meet online! These two met on, and had their first date back on 12/13/14. I’m so excited to get to photograph their wedding later this year at the Eagle Brook Country Club and it was definitely such a fun adventure to walk around the city exploring. Check out their proposal story below, and see just how cute they are.

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Lupita & Omar Wedding : Limoneira Ranch, Santa Paula, Ca

I absolutely love Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula, Ca, and it was made all the better by the beautiful presence of getting to photograph Lupita and Omar at their wedding. These two high school sweethearts wanted the day to be about family, and that was exactly how the day turned out. Surrounded by their 300 family members and friends, the day was filled with music and celebration. It was amazing to see Omar and Lupita again after their engagement session at Limoneira Ranch earlier this year. Omar used to work at Limoneira Ranch, so we were able to explore the orchard in all of its sunset glory.

Limoneira Ranch is 7,300-acres of the county’s largest producer of avocados, lemons, and oranges. When someone has a wedding here, the guests get to take home oranges as a wedding favor, which is such a cool feature at the end of the evening. Not to mention Lupita and Omar having a popcorn cart, taco bar, and other delicious reception snacks. These two are absolutely such a blast to get to spend the day with, and I can’t wait to see the adventures they go on next.

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Meghan & Craig Styled : Sly Park Recreation Area, Pollock Pines, Ca

When I came upon Sly Park Falls after a hot, 5 mile hike, I knew that this place was straight out of a fairy tale. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains off of Jenkinson Lake, it is hard to believe this beauty is man-made. At roughly 33 feet high, you would think it would be a popular swimming hole, but the locals have kept it mostly a secret, and the place usually only has a few visitors. When I approached Wild Flowers Design Group to do a shoot here, we knew it had to be something special! In a stroke of brilliance, they realized the beautiful setting was straight out of Fern Gully, a private paradise hidden not in the rainforest, but the mountains. With this concept in mind, minus the fairy wings and 90's blue tank top, we ran with it.

The Wild Flowers Design Group not only featured wild ferns and local flowers in their design, but also moss covered branches they collected from a historic family cabin in Lake Tahoe. They aimed for beauty, as well as size to match the soon to be large waterfall behind the couple. The neutral palette chosen was meant to blend in with the moss covered location, and feel as if the florals were chosen from there. Meghan and Craig were the perfect couple to get to photograph here, willing to get in the water, and their love was absolutely radiant!

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Gaby & Josh : Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, Ca Engagement

I can’t love a couple harder than when they want to do something amazing, including driving 8 hours round trip to the middle of nowhere to take their engagement photos at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, sometimes just known as the Glamis sand dunes. Known for being the largest sand dunes in the state, they were formed by windblown sands of ancient Lake Cahuilla. Extending for more than 45 miles, with dunes reaching heights of 300 feet above the desert floor. I have to say the whole experience was out of this world, especially based on the many movies that have graced the area. Including but definitely not limited to the original Stargate, Resident Evil : Extinction, and Star Wars : Return of the Jedi! It was so much fun getting to spend the day with Gaby and Josh, and the pictures tell a story of so much love between these two high school sweethearts. Check out their proposal below, and learn why these two are pretty much the best.

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